Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Faster and Fitter

Just home from another fab training night with Lliswerry Runners. It was a track session tonight, and I downloaded the info from my Garmin, and was pleasantly surprised. I have been quite happily plodding along at 11 minute miles for the last couple of months - and it seemed to make no difference if I was going 200 metres, or 5 miles, I was always moving at the same speed.

However, tonight felt more comfortable. I still puff around the track like a cross between a giant marshmallow and a jellied eel, but I am not struggling to the point it hurts the whole time. And as the following information from my Garmin shows, I am actually getting faster:

It's strange how I haven't noticed that I am getting better, it has just crept up on me. The session tonight involved some intervals with short rests inbetween, but even so, I am moving my arse faster than ever before. Just goes to prove that, like most things, you need to put the effort in and stick with it.

This new healthy thing is also taking over the rest of my life. I expertly prepared my pot noodle tonight; one of the staple foods of any proper student diet. In fact, I eat them all the time. I thought it was horrible. Processed, artificial and it tasted revolting. I threw most of it in the bin and had an apple instead. I'm not quite sure what is happening to me.

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