Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'm back with a boob

It's now over four months since my little fall, and apart from the occasional twinge, my ankle feels almost back to normal. So inspired by my little brother's amazing performance in the London Marathon on Sunday I have decided that it is about time that I removed my increasingly lardy arse off of the sofa, and got back to my plan to become an athlete.

I thought that going for a little swim to get myself back in the swing of exercise might be a wise idea, so yesterday I grabbed the only swimming costume I could find and headed down to the pool for a few lengths. It did not go well. Turns out that the swimming costume was a size too big, and after having happily completed a few laps, I stood up only to find that my right boob had escaped and was now on display to the entire pool - including several children who were having a lesson at the time, and will no doubt now be traumatised for life. I escaped as quickly as possible before I could be stopped by the staff for being a flasher. Not my finest moment. 

Anyway, its back to the running club tomorrow night, and I'm just hoping that it isn't one of the hideous hill sessions. I have also signed up to the Cardiff Half Marathon in October, and will be training with my housemate for that so hopefully we'll be able to keep each other motivated. 

Here's my little motivational quote for today: 

 Thank you for reading.

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