Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sore from the Sorbrook

Inspired by friends from the running club who have been taking parts in all kinds of amazing events, I woke up this morning with the "fabulous" idea of going along to the Sorbrook 10k. Now bearing in mind that I haven't run more than 5 miles on the flat for around 3 months due to various university commitments, this may not have been the wisest idea that I have ever had.

However, I didn't really have time to think about it too much as I am not really a morning person, so popped over the Spar for some cornflakes and bananas before heading out to register. I'd looked at the results from last year, and knew that I was going to come in pretty much last, so decided to start near the back and stay there - previously I have got caught up in the middle of the pack and gone off too fast, only to pay for it later. 

I'd forgotten just how far 10k actually is when I can't stop and have a rest. And how much I hate hills. The route was lovely and scenic, up a couple of small mountains and then around a reservoir, although I was too busy concentrating on being able to breathe and not falling over my feet. I was right at the back, so the ambulance that needs to follow the back runners was twenty metres from my arse most of the way round, and the whiff of diesel fumes so close by was a distraction from the otherwise beautiful environment. I made it round in one piece though, only stopping to walk up the hills; otherwise I ran the whole way, even managing a little sprint at the end. And I wasn't last either and there was free cake at the end. So all things considered, quite a nice morning out.

Looking back, as much as it was painful at the time, I have got a huge sense of satisfaction that I got round. It was great being part of the Lliswerry gang again as well.  I'm hoping to do the Rose Inn 4 mile run on Tuesday if my legs aren't too sore. Just need to make a plan and stick to it now.

Today's motivational quote is quite apt considering the course route this morning:

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