Monday, 5 December 2011

Can I raise my sitting bone towards the sun?

I have purchased a very helpful book entitled Run for life: the real woman's guide to running for a bargain £2.49 at the Kidney Research charity shop. It's full of useful tips to help me on this journey. And apparently yoga is the way forward. It helps with flexibility and strength which is always helpful, and also balance and coordination, and I am sadly lacking in both of those. 

I didn't really "get" yoga the last time I tried it about 10 years ago, at some overpriced health club in Surrey where I was living. It was all a bit much - full of the hairy armpit brigade and much burning of incense, along with strange constipated dog type noises, and that music which is meant to be dolphins talking to each other or some other such nonsense. And the only workout I got that day was of my pelvic floor muscles as I tried not to wet myself laughing when the instructor told me to "raise the sitting bone towards the sun, and absorb its energy into your soul". Which if I recall correctly, means stick your arse in the air. 

Anyway, not being one to rest on a good idea, I decided I would go tonight and have an evening off from the running as I had been out the previous two days. First problem, there was no yoga class on at the gym tonight. But there was pilates. And from the little bit I know, I thought they must be almost the same thing.

I opted for the beginners class, and went into the semi lit room - not quite sure why it needed to be dark, it just means that you can't see what the instructor is doing - and saw that I was the youngest in the class by at least 20 years. Oh well, I thought, this will be nice and easy, and then I can go back to the jacuzzi where I belong. Except it wasn't easy at all, I am quite clearly also lacking in flexibility and strength as well, and I was shockingly bad compared to everyone else there. The instructor had to come over and show me the easy versions of the moves on several occasions, while I observed sympathetic smiles from everyone else who was able to lift their bum more than 3 inches off the floor. My humiliation was complete when the lovely retired lady next to me offered to carry my mat back to the cupboard as I was clearly having some difficulty reaching down to put my shoes back on. 

However, when lying in the sauna shortly after, I did note that I felt all nice and stretched, and since there was no incense or any mention of my sitting bone, I might just go back again next week, as I can only get better.   


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