Thursday, 8 December 2011

Fastest 5k yet :-)

Really tired so not going to write too much. The running club had their 5k time trial as part of their annual 4 sport challenge tonight - it also involves swimming, cycling, and some hideous sounding circuit training thing at the gym, which sadly I am likely to miss out on as I am away for the weekend. 

It was good to try a 5k on the pavement, as so far the Park Run and night time plodding around Roath Park has been at least in part on grass or bark. And I managed it in 31.58, which is a huge 3 minutes faster than I have done that distance before. Also found it easier running with someone else, as it meant that I didn't slow down towards the end. It was an out and back course, and as usual, there were lots of words of encouragement from the faster runners who were on the final bit while I was still puffing along the first mile. 

I do wonder why some men find it necessary to beep their horn as they drive past though. Maybe the sight of two slightly sweaty, red faced women was too much for the motorists of Newport tonight, and they just couldn't contain their excitement.

My reward was a lovely three course meal with the Newport and South East Wales Triathlon Club, who are closely associated with the running club, and happened to be having their Christmas do tonight in the clubhouse. Probably consumed five times as many calories as I burnt off running, but it tasted so good!

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Anonymous said...

Well done Jo, brilliant time. deb x