Sunday, 18 December 2011

A little setback

Saturday morning, and off to Parkrun having managed to change my shift at work until the evening. It was all going really well, as I was running with Deb from the club who is faster than me, so was on for another PB, until I fell over. Over nothing other than my own feet. And had to limp all the way back from the furthest part of the course to the start, covered in mud and feeling pretty stupid. Grrrr.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Deb for walking back with me, and to Chris, Julia, Howard and the rest of the Lliswerry Runners that stuck around to patch me up, bought me a much needed bacon roll, made sure that I was ok and was able to get home. And also to Liz, lecturer at uni, who randomly happened to be in the cafe afterwards - I must admit, I was a bit worried that she might ask me which structures I thought I had damaged and I couldn't remember a single one at that point - but who just gave me some great advice on what to do next.

Chris trying to sort out my damaged limbs!

I managed to drive home, and then discovered the lump on my left ankle was the size of an egg, so decided that visit over to A & E might be in order. Except I couldn't walk. Despite the fact that I live about 500 metres from the hospital, I was contemplating calling a taxi, when a lovely couple that were collecting their student son for the holidays took pity on my injured self and gave me a lift - I must have looked a complete state, still dressed in my running gear, with blood down my leg, and soaking wet from the rain, so was very grateful at that point. 

I couldn't really fault the service at the hospital - I know everyone moans about the NHS, but in and out within 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon, following two x-rays isn't too bad at all. Maybe the shocking pink and the sweaty odour was upsetting the other patients a bit too much and they rushed me through. The good news - despite the doctor's initial concerns, my ankle is not broken and my patella is intact. The not so good news - the ankle is sprained, and will take up to 8 weeks to recover. The Bath Half is 12 weeks away so if recovery does take that long there is no way I will be running it.

After a day of doing nothing, both legs are feeling a bit better. The bruising is getting worse, but that is to be expected, and the ankle is more stiff than sore, and I have no dorsiflexion at all. I found another scrape and bruise on my shoulder this morning, and my elbow has also gone a bit purple. 
I thought I would include a couple of pictures from today in case anyone thinks I am making this all up to get out of becoming a supreme athlete:

My right knee.   The hospital advised me to keep the manky plaster on for the next 48 hours.
I do not usually have elephant ankles! I can currently only get my feet into my ugg boot rip offs and my wellies.  

Thank you for reading. I'll keep the blog updated with my recovery. And like all the x factor contestants say "this is not the end, you haven't seen the last of me."


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Ruth said...

No dorsiflexion, but how is the plantarflexion, Jo? Hope you're healing quickly x