Saturday, 19 November 2011

2nd Parkrun. Getting faster :-)

Keen to improve on last week's athletic excellence, off I went this morning to the Newport Park Run. I was determined to try to run the whole thing this time without having to walk, even if this meant going more slowly overall.

I found it hard to go slow, and not try to keep up with the main group of runners at the start. But then it suddenly occurred to me when I was halfway round that the only person I am really in competition with is myself. If I have to walk some of it, the only person I will have let down is me, no one else is even going to notice. I suppose that is the same as life generally; the only person who should ever judge me is myself.

Anyway, I kept going right until the end, even managing a moderately fast sprint in the last 50 metres towards the finish line. And all made a little bit better by the lovely bacon sandwich in the cafe afterwards.

I was delighted when the official email confirmed that I had finished a whole 61 seconds quicker than last week, which has definitely given me the motivation to keep going.

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