Thursday, 24 November 2011

Everybody's favourite: Beechwood Hills

In preparation for tonight's club session billed on the website as "Everybody's favourite: Beechwood Hills", I decided that I need a little extra help. So off I went in search of some new running gear. I have found that wearing normal tshirts is a bit of a nightmare, as they get soaking wet - with a lovely combination of rain and sweat, which then gets cold next to my skin. If I am cold, I am miserable and liable to start whinging, so some preventative action was needed. And if I am going to trot around the streets of Newport, I might as well look like I know what I am doing.

Being of limited means at present, I decided that Sports Direct was the way forward. I am amazed every time that I go there at the sheer amount of tat that is available. Pink Lonsdale velour tracksuit anyone? With an orange kappa t shirt to go with it? Now, I realise that I am not exactly a pinnacle of style, but I was left wondering who actually buys this stuff.  Actually, it appears that no one does as I was the only customer present at the time.

Anyway, the outcome of my visit is that I am now the proud owner of a nice black waterproof running jacket thing, at a bargain price of £14.99, and with pink reflective go faster stripes on the arms, I was feeling quite pleased. I couldn't actually find any suitable tshirts though, so another outing will be required for that.

Off then to the leisure centre for the club session meet up. Informed again that it was just a little run to the start of the training - it wasn't - it was 1.6 miles which is not, at this stage in my training a little run, its actually quite a long way. 

I had thought that the last hill session was bad. This was worse. It involved running up a fairly steep hill as far as a pre determined lamp post, then back down again, then up again to the next lamp post, then back down again, and repeat until a) collapse or b) 20 minutes had gone by. I managed 4 lamp posts before I had to admit defeat. The faster runners did 7. But, I have to comment that the brilliant way that the coach organises the session means that everyone can work at their own pace, but still feel like they are part of the group. I loved the way that the more experienced runners always had an encouraging word or two to say when they passed me, and even though I was unable to even offer a grunt in reply due to lack of oxygen, feeling like part of group is what kept me going tonight.

I even managed to run back to the leisure centre from the session - not very quickly at all but I still managed to do so without stopping. The total distance run tonight: 7.25km. Nearly 2km further than I've ever managed before, which brings me nicely on to the motivational quote for this week:

Thank you for reading.

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Mum said...

Old Chinese Proverb:

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.”

Keep going Jo!