Saturday, 26 November 2011


It's Saturday and therefore Parkrun day. And I was actually looking forward to it, despite the fact that it had been raining all night again, so the course was likely to be muddy and damp.

Keen to improve on my time from last week, I decided that I would start the day with a proper breakfast, because while the pop tart I ate in the car last week tasted great, it possibility did not give my body the nutritional advantage that it needed. A little bit of internet research revealed that porridge and a banana was the way to go - so I set the alarm an hour earlier than I needed to, and got up to make my little pot noodle style tub of porridge with golden syrup. Then remembered with the first mouthful that I actually hate porridge - the slurpy consistency and lack of any proper flavour makes me feel quite ill. I'm breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it now. Urgh. I managed three quarters of the pot though, and hoped that it would be enough for the challenge ahead.

The run went well, I'm still struggling with pacing myself and started way too fast, but the porridge must have done some good as I managed to beat last week's time by 49 seconds, so my PB is now at 36.09. I'll try to eat the whole pot next week.

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Nigel Fortune said...

Thats great Jo keep it up!! I'm not keen on porridge either unless it has a ton of sugar on! lol xx